SQL CLR Library , SQLCLR , CLR Routines , CLR Library , SQL Server CLR , Bulk Export , Regular Expressions , HTML Export , Generate Insert Statements , Median , Automation , RegEx 2017-3-27 8-26
SQL# / SQLsharp                   SQL #         Expanding the
capabilities of T-SQL

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❗❗ Version 4.0 Announcement ❗❗
  SQL CLR Library , SQLCLR , CLR Routines , CLR Library , SQL Server CLR , Bulk Export , Regular Expressions , HTML Export , Generate Insert Statements , Median , Automation , RegEx Current FREE functions:

  • String: Contains, Count, Cut, EndsWith, Equals, IndexOf, InitCap, IsNumeric, Join, LastIndexOf, Newline, NthIndexOf, PadLeft, PadRight, Replace, Split, Split4k, StartsWith, Trim, TryParseToInt, WordWrap

  • RegEx: CaptureGroup, CaptureGroup4k, Escape, Index, IsMatch, IsMatch4k, Matches, Match, MatchLength, MatchSimple, MatchSimple4k, Replace, Replace4k, ReplaceIfMatched, ReplaceIfMatched4k, Split, Unescape

  • Math: CompoundAmortizationSchedule, Constant (30 physics constants), Convert (22 measurement conversions), Cosh, CubeRoot, Factorial, FormatDecimal, IsPrime, RandomRange, Sinh, Tanh, Truncate

  • Date: Age, BusinessDays, DaysInMonth, DaysInMonthFromDateTime, DaysLeftInYear, Extract, FirstDayOfMonth, Format, FormatTimeSpan, FromUNIXTime, FullDateString, FullTimeString, GetDateTimeFromIntVals, GetIntDate, GetIntTime, IsBusinessDay, IsLeapYear, LastDayOfMonth, NewDateTime, NthOccurrenceOfWeekday, ToUNIXTime, Truncate

  • InterNet: AddressToNumber, HTMLDecode, HTMLEncode, IsValidIPAddress, NumberToAddress, URIDecode, URIEncode, URIEncodeData, URIGetInfo, URIGetLeftPart

  • Miscellaneous: CRC32, Deflate, GenerateDateTimeRange, GenerateDateTimes, GenerateFloatRange, GenerateFloats, GenerateIntRange, GenerateInts, GetTotalMemory, GUnzip, GZip, Hash, HashBinary, Inflate, IsValidCC, IsValidCheckRoutingNumber, IsValidConvert, IsValidPostalCode, IsValidSSN, ToWords (i.e. translate a number into word representation: 150 = One Hundred and Fifty)

  • Database: BulkCopy

  • Convert: BinaryToHexString, DateTimeToMSIntDate, FromBase64, HexStringToBinary, HtmlToXml, MSIntDateToDateTime, ROT13, ToBase64, UUDecode, UUEncode

  • LookUps: GetCountryInfo (i.e. ISO info), GetStateInfo (i.e. ISO info)

  • Internal: Version, Help, Setup, Uninstall, GrantPermissions, IsUpdateAvailable, SetSecurity, WebSite

  • Operating System: EventLogRead, EventLogWrite, GenerateTone, MachineName, Uptime

  • Twitter: BlockUser, CreateFavorite, DestroyDirectMessage, DestroyFavorite, DestroyStatus, FollowUser, GetBlocks, GetFavorites, GetFollowers, GetFriends, GetHomeTimeline, GetMentions, GetMessages, GetRetweetedBy, GetRetweets, GetRetweetsOfMe, GetSentMessages, GetStatus, GetUser, GetUserTimeline, Retweet, SendDirectMessage, UnBlockUser, UnFollowUser, Update, xAuth

  • User-Defined Aggregates: GeometricAvg, Join, Median, Random, RootMeanSqr

  • User-Defined Types: FloatArray, HashTable, NVarcharArray

Current additional functions in FULL version (113 functions more than the Free version!):

  • InterNet: DownloadFile, FtpDo, FtpGet, FtpGetBinary, FtpGetFile, FtpPut, FtpPutBinary, FtpPutFile, GetHostName, GetIPAddress, GetIPAddressList, GetWebPages, Ping, PingTime, SplitIntoFields, URIDecodePlus

  • File: ChangeEncoding, Copy, CopyMultiple, CreateDirectory, CreateTempFile, CurrentEncoding, Decrypt, Delete, DeleteDirectory, DeleteMultiple, Encrypt, GetDirectoryName, GetDirectoryListing, GetDriveInfo, GetFile, GetFileBinary, GetFileInfo, GetFileName, GetLineCount, GetRandomFileName, GetRootDirectory, GetTempPath, GUnzip, GZip, Move, MoveMultiple, PathExists, SplitIntoFields, Touch, WriteFile, WriteFileBinary

  • Database: BulkExport, CreateOrAlterQueryInfoTables (used with GetQueryInfo), CurrentSQLStatement, DescribeResultSets, DeserializeResults, DumpData (i.e. generate INSERT statements), ForEach (combined ForEachDB and ForEachTable), GetQueryInfo, HTMLExport, NewID (for T-SQL functions), SerializeResults, SerializeResultsInChunks, ThrowException (for T-SQL functions), TryCatch (for T-SQL functions)

  • DB System Info: IndexName, Objects (server-wide sys.objects)

  • Operating System: ProcessGetInfo, ProcessKill, ProcessStart (asynchronous processing), StartTime

  • Date: BusinessDaysAdd, DaysLeftInMonth, FullDateTimeString, IsDaylightSavingTime, ToLocalTime, ToUniversalTime

  • Math: BitwiseLeftShift, BitwiseRightShift, FormatFloat, FormatInteger, IEEERemainder, NthRoot

  • String: CompareSplitValues, DamerauLevenshteinDistance, DamerauLevenshteinDistancePlus, FixedWidthIndex, FixedWidthSplit, LevenshteinDistance, LevenshteinDistancePlus, PadBoth, SplitKeyValuePairs, SplitResultIntoFields (was SplitIntoFields), TrimChars, TrimEnd, TrimStart

  • RegEx: CaptureGroups

  • Twitter: GetMutes, MuteUser, SearchTweets, UnMuteUser

  • XML: EscapeContent, Transform (i.e. XSLT), UnescapeContent

  • Miscellaneous: GarageCollect, Print

  • User-Defined Aggregates: BitwiseAND, BitwiseOR, BitwiseXOR, HarmonicMean, JoinPlus

  • Running Totals: Add, Get, CacheSize, ClearCache

  • Internal: Download

What can SQL# do?

  • SQL# gives you the easiest access to the power of the CLR!
    -- Over 260 Procs and Functions, 10 User-Defined Aggregates, 3 User-Defined Types, and more being added!

  • SQL# installs easily and in moments!
    -- download one small install sql script, execute it, and enjoy the power of the CLR!

  • SQL# is backed up and restored with the database along with all other objects and data!
    -- no need to worry about separate DLLs as with COM Extended Stored Procedures

  • SQL# has built in documentation (list of function and procedure signatures)!
    -- if you ever lose the documention, the worst off you are is one procedure call away from viewing the entire list of function signatures!

  • SQL# saves countless hours learning CLR and .Net, not to mention the cost of Visual Studio!
    -- time is money and you have work to do so why stop and learn yet another language, especially when you might need to purchase additional software just to compile a basic function!

  • SQL# lets you focus on SQL programming without sacrificing the power of the CLR!
    -- again, there is only so much time in the day so do you want to spend it NOT being productive?

SQL CLR Library , CLR Routines , CLR Library , SQL Server CLR , Bulk Export , Regular Expressions , HTML Export , Generate Insert Statements 2017-3-27 8-26